About Michael Rewers

Hi everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself

Michal Rewers About me
Michal Rewers About me

This is me and my family 🙂

My name is Michal Rewers and I’m just an ordinary person like you.

I am 39 years old and I live in Poland.

I’m married and I have a son. You can see us on the left 🙂

I have achieved a few things in my life and this page is one of the latest ones. Before I will give you some more info about the page let me tell you who I am.

I work as a Sales & Marketing Director for a medium-sized company. I went through 6 positions to get where I am. All this thanks to hard work and dedication.

I create a business and I’ve been doing it for all my life. I’ve created a lot of successful marketing campaigns and actually, I’ve been trained by the world’s best sales trainers.

For my work, I have received an honorary decoration “For merits to the Energy” awarded by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland and many other small rewards for business growth.
If you like you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

My education:

1.Chemistry technician
2.Informatics Technician
3.Bachelor degree in Finance & International Trade
4.Master degree in Finance Management

Would you care to join me?

I will be very happy.

In the meantime take a look at the homepage where you will find some useful information or check out “what is Blogerio?” to see what this page is all about.

All the best,