Today I will show you how to put ads on a website and get paid.

You will find here the exact process of how to place Google AdSense, PropellerAds ads on your site and mix it with affiliate networks advertisements to maximize your profits.

We all ask how to put ads on my website and get paid?

There is a time in the life of every website owner when he wants to monetize his content. You’ve already created a lot of great content, you have readers and your traffic is increasing. This is one of those moments when you should start thinking about putting adds on your site and get paid for people clicking on them.

You see:

Ads are a great method to easily monetize your content. At this point, everybody thinks about Google AdSense but they are not the only option.

There is a lot of other companies out there which will reward you nicely for your efforts. What I mean is that there are other companies on the market which offer the same services as Google Ads.

You sign up to their programs, copy a part of the code generated on their websites and that’s it. You have an advertisement displayed on your site. I will explain to you in a moment how to do all this but before I will I’d like you to consider a bit different idea.

You know:

I’ve been in sales & marketing for most of my life and currently, I oversee a lot of programs for the company I work for so I can tell you one thing. There is no one, single best solutions for monetizing your site through advertisement.

As I explained before you can just place adds on your site and get paid for clicks. But that’s not the only thing you can do.

You can also place ads from affiliate programs!

This is something a lot of people seem to forget and that’s why I’ve put this idea at the beginning of this post.

This method may not be as “certain” (like there are any certain methods at all?) but it may give you a lot more profit than the standard ads.

What I want to say is that you should consider to place ads of your affiliate partners and not only from advertisement companies.

This approach requires a bit more effort but sometimes it’s worth it.

You probably think “why sometimes?”.


It strongly depends on the niche you are working at.

Let’s take the example of a very popular weight loss niche. Let’s suppose that you own a site which has such content and you would like to start making money on it by placing ads.

You can sign up to Google Adsense and leave everything to them. After you will place their source code on your site Google will display ads and you will make money every time one of your visitors clicks the ad.

The second approach would be to signup to affiliate programs which offer for example:

  • workout equipment (kettle balls, orbitrek etc.)
  • dietary supplements
  • protein shakes
  • workout programs

This way when somebody will click and purchase from one of those programs you will receive compensation. And this compensations may be about 10% of the purchase.

Of course, every one of these programs is different so you will have a few payments from different programs instead of one payment from AdSense but that’s not a problem.

What I would like you to do is consider that there are more possibilities than just placing ads on your site from an ad program like Google Adsense.

Think about it!

You see the big question is “which one should I choose?”

On one hand, you have an advertisement program like AdSense and on the other, you have a few affiliate programs to sign up and advertise manually.

I can not decide for you but I can tell you what I do.

For different sites, I’ve found different approaches to be more effective than others.

For example, my travel site uses AdSense on Whitelabel search window. This way every time somebody looks for cheap flights I get an impression and sometimes a click. Because people search a lot more tickets then they buy then this is more effective for me.

If you would like to find out how to make money on a travel blog or a site then I’ve written a post about this in detail.

At the same tile when somebody decides to buy a plane ticket via my site then I will receive a commission. Either way, I make money.

And that’s what this is all about.

On another site, I have a different approach. This site is about succulents and after 3 months of tests, I see that affiliate ads work a lot better than AdSense. I’ve placed affiliate ads to Ikea and other well-known suppliers of goods.

Based on my website traffic analysis I know that most of my visitors are women. What I’ve noticed is that they click just for curiosity. Then a cookie is installed on their computer and I get a commission for whatever they buy at Ikea or any other shopping mall.

The only disadvantage of this method is that I need to change my advertisement manually and keep a record of what is where. Fortunately, there is a lot of WordPress Plugins which help me with this management.

Ok. Now let’s take a closer look at how to place ads on your site.

How to place ads on my site?

It’s not that difficult to place an ad on your site.  Let me guide you step by step how to do this using the two different approaches.

How to place Google Ads on my site?

Google AdSense is the best known in the market and this is why I’ve decided to start with this one.

If you would like to have Google AdSense ads on your site you have to be registered to their program. You can do it using this Google AdSense Signup form.

The nice thing about AdSense is that you can log in using your Google account which you probably already have.

After you register yourself to this program you need to add your site. You can do it by clicking “Sites” on the left and then “Add site”

Adding new site to google adsense
Adding a new site to google AdSense

Then you type in your sites name and click next.

Adding a new site to AdSense
Adding a new site to AdSense

This is it. Your Google AdSense verification code is generated.

Connecting new site to adsense
Connecting new site to AdSense

Now you have to place this code on your site.

It is really simple if you are using WordPress CMS. If you are then there are two possibilities:

  1. You have a special feature builtin your theme. This applies mainly for paid themes (look in your plugin manual how to place AdSense code on your site header)
  2. If you are using a free theme then you need a plugin. I recommend a free “Insert headers and footers”

Once your site is verified you can place Google Ads on your site.

It may take a few days or ever a week for Google to verify your site. They may also reject you because of too low traffic. You will then have to ask Google again for approval.

In principle, there are two ways of placing ads on your site:

  1. You can let Google decide where to place the ads and you just choose which types are allowed.
  2. You choose by yourself which type of ads to place and where to put them.


When you choose the first option then, in theory, you do not have to worry about anything. Unfortunately in practice, Google may choose to place his ads in a place where you would not like to see them.

Advertisement placement for this option depends on the amount and types of blocks on your site and unfortunately, you might find your “Signup form” with an ad in the middle of it.

Of course, this does not have to happen but I’ve seen it so better check the ads result in a few hours after you enable them.

The second option requires you to configure ads by yourself and place them in different locations. This might be also more effective because you get to control how many ads are displayed on your site.

Luckily there are WordPress plugins which let you configure different ads locations. This way you can also change them.

Whichever option you choose just remember to choose “responsive” ads for better mobile compatibility!

Ok. So let’s place your first AdSense code on your site.

First, you click “Ads” on your left and then “Ad units”. This way you will create your first advertisement unit. Each unit may be of a different type.

The basic type of ad is “Display” advertisement but you can also choose “In-feed” and “In-Article” type. Every one of them is different but your first can be “Display” type.

It just fits a lot of purposes.

How to put ads on my site with AdSense-display ads
How to put ads on my site with AdSense-display ads

After you choose your advertisement type you give it a name and choose some extra features.

When it comes for the name just make it unique and with a possibility to identify it. If you are planning to place your ad in a post only then consider to put post name in the ad name. this way you will be able to track profits from this post.

I do it sometimes for so-called “pillar posts”. This way I can track the performance of it over time.

Let’s go further.

Another option you have to choose is the advertisement size. You can choose a square, horizontal and vertical. When you click on them you will see how they look. Just pick one which will be the best for your content.

Before you click continue just remember to leave “Ad Size” as “Responsive”. This way your ad will change its size depending on the window size.

Then click “Next” and you will see a window like this.

How to put ads on my site with AdSense-display ads code generated
How to put ads on my site with AdSense-display ads code generated

Now just click “Copy code snippet” and your Html code will be copied to your clipboard. You just have to put it to your WordPress site.

You can place your Google Adsense code anywhere in your site (post, widget, dedicated theme space etc.) but there is one nice tip I have for you.

Adding reusable block to my site with Google AdSense code
Adding a reusable block to my site with Google AdSense code
When you are using Gutenberg WordPress editor like I am then you have a great option which is “Add reusable block”. This Gutenberg block, when created will stay the same on all pages or posts which you will place it. Once you change it on one of the pages/posts it will change on all of them. This is a great way to place Google Ads unit code into your pages. If for some reason you will decide to switch from AdSense to other advertisements network then you only have to change this block and it will be changed all over your pages and posts. Nice, hugh 🙂

How to place ads on my site from Adsense alternatives?

Like I mentioned before Google AdSense is surely not the only advertisement program which you can use. I’ve found dozens of those but until now I’ve been using just a few of them.


Because more programs mean more payments from different companies. From one side it is ok to have a diversified portfolio of advertisement suppliers but from the other side it takes a lot more work.

You see each program has his own bills, money transfers etc. Sometimes it’s better to keep things as simple as possible.

I would recommend two programs for the beginning. That’s Google Adsense and Propeller Ads.

Propeller ads

The procedure to place ads on your site is actually the same with PropellerAds as it is with AdSense besides some small differences.

One of them is PropellerAds WordPress Official Plugin. With this plugin, you can turn on ads on your site in just a few simple steps.

After you will install this plugin you just have to follow the instruction of the plugin but before that just make sure that you are logged in to your PropellerAds account.

After this process is completed then you will have your PropellerAds connected to your WordPress plugin.

Propeller ads wordpress plugin
Propeller ads wordpress plugin

But this is not the only advantage PropellerAds has. Besides the standard ad types offered also by AdSense, PropellerAds has a unique Anti Adblock Push Notifications.

You see…

There is a lot of people already having their ads disabled by various programs. Also, Chrome comes with a lot of plugins which block advertisements. This is not good for us because we make money on them.

PropellerAds developed a special method of showing ads using push notifications. After you enable this feature your site visitors will see such window in the top left side of the screen:

PropellerAds push notification
PropellerAds push notification

After they click “Allow” they will start receiving push notifications with advertisements from this network.

Of course, this will the moment when you will start making money on your site after placing such ads.

Let’s have a look at the method I talked at the beginning of this post.

How to place affiliate ads on my site and make money?

There is a lot of affiliate programs with ads which you can find on the web. I’d really like to make your life easier so here is a list of such ads websites:


Making money by displaying ads from Tradetracker affiliate program is quite easy. After you register to their program you can generate an Html code which you place on your site.

You can place banner ads, deep-link to a specific webpage (depends on the program) or use smart banners and product feeds.

There is definitely a lot of option to choose from.

To generate an Html code you have to register to a particular marketing campaign. Some of them require approval so you will have to wait a few days to have access to your banners and links.

Once you are registered you click “Promotion materials”, then “Banners” and you should see a list of possible banners. Under each one of them, you should see a button “Generate code”. Use it to generate your Html code and copy it to your site.

This is it.

Other affiliate programs which you can join to place ads on your site.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is one of the oldest affiliate programs available. They have a lot of programs and well-known brands like Nike, AirFrance, Autodesk and many, many more. This post is not a place for such list but I assure you that you will find a lot of programs to promote for any niche.

The only thing which I really don’t like with this program is that it’s extremely slow. I mean, I have a really decent network speed but their site is just not from this century.


Awin affiliate program is another one which you might consider registering. Just like all the other affiliate programs you can use it to place ads on your site and make money after your visitors make a purchase using your affiliate link.

This program offers a decent amount of advertisers and to be honest, pays quicker than the others.


You have reached the end of my guide about how to put ads on my website and get paid. I hope that you have enjoyed this article.

You can use any of the above-mentioned programs to place ads on your blog and make money.  Thanks to a proper mix of affiliate advertisements and ads from CPC advertisers you can create a decent and stable source of income.

It does not matter what kind of online business you are in – you can use this practice on any site. By the way, if you would be interested to read about how to make money on a travel blog then I’ve written an interesting guide on how I monetize this niche.

Anyway, just remember the old saying that “you should not put all the eggs into one basket”. I really like this saying which I borrowed from the investment world. It exactly the same as any other source of income.

To be really free you have to diversify.

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed this article and you find this information useful then please share it with other people. It’s just a click of a button and it may help more people.