Every once in a while we all have to take a screenshot of our screen which we see on our PC’s. It does not matter it’s a Windows, Linux or Mac PC you have to know how to do it.

In this post, I am going to explain how to take a screenshot on a computer with Windows or Linux operating systems.

To take a screenshot on PC you have to press “PrtSC” or PrintScreen button. Depending on the operating system & software your screenshot will be either saved in your clipboard or as a file.

This is the most simple way to get a screenshot of your computer.

Now let’s take a look at some more details on how to do it on different operating systems.

How to take a screenshot on a computer with Windows 10

To take a snapshot of your current screen you just have to press the PrtSc button on your PC or laptop keyboard.

You should see a push notification in the right, bottom part of your screen saying that “Your snapshot has been saved in your OneDrive folder”.

Of course, that will happen only if you have a OneDrive on your Windows system. If not then your screenshots will be saved in the Pictures folder.

Windows operating system will store all screenshots in JPG file format. The exact path for your snapshot files is:


Another great way to make a screenshot is to use the Windows built-in snipping tool.

To use it just press Win key on your keyboard and start typing “snipping tool”. Once the application is visible you just select it or press enter.

Using this app you can copy a part of the screen which you select or just make a screenshot of the current window or screen.

This app is built into the Windows operating system so you do not have to install anything.

How to take a screenshot on a computer with a Linux operating system

I didn’t mention this before but Linux is actually my most favourite operating system.

I am currently using 4 computers, two of them are my business laptops like MS Surface for presentations and an HP desktop. Both of my business PC’s are with Windows because of the software I am using at work – but this is the only reason to use Windows.

My private laptops have Linux Ubuntu 19.10 which I almost fell in love with 🙂

Anyway, this is post is not about my love for Linux systems but about screenshots.

Snapshot of your PC screen with a button

When you have a Linux operation system you just have to press the “PrtSc” button on your PC keyboard.

Below you can find a photo of my keyboard showing the button

How to take a screenshot on computer
How to take a screenshot on a computer

If you are using the Linux Ubuntu operating system then after pressing this button you will hear the sound of a camera and your screen will show you a visual animation of the screen is copied.

But where can I find this screenshot?

Snapshot folder on Linux system

This is actually quite simple.

All snapshots are saved here:


All you have to do is change your “username” above with your own username.

To put things more simple you can use the following path:


All screenshots saved on Ubuntu have the date in the filename so it will be quite easy for you to know when was the screenshot made.

The file format which is used by Ubuntu is PNG but you can easily change it using a lot of tools like GIMP

Snapshot application

Using the PrtSc button will make a snapshot of a complete window but what if you would like to take a snapshot of only one window?

This is when the Screenshot application comes in handy.

Press Win button and type “Screenshot”

This is how it will look like once you do it:

Screenshot application on Linux
Screenshot application on Linux

You will probably see on the applications which are on the screenshot above. Actually, I have two of them because I have a lot of different window managers but this app works exactly the same.

Once you launch it you will see this window:

Screenshot application on Linux
Screenshot application on Linux

Using this app you grab complete screen or just any window or area.

Just remember that once you click “Take Screenshot” this window will be hidden. Then you can have your screenshot.

Once it’s done you get a chance to choose the filename and folder where the screenshot will be saved. This is how it looks like:

Screenshot application on Linux
Screenshot application on Linux

This is it.

If you are interested to know how to take a screenshot on other operating systems then keep on reading.

How to take a screenshot on and Android phone

Every once in a while you might be interested in how to make a snapshot of the current screen of your Android mobile phone.

Thanks to Google this operation is quite simple and works on most of the mobile phones with Android operating systems.

To do a snapshot of your Android screen just press “Power+Volume down” buttons simultaneously. You should hear a click of a camera and your mobile screen snapshot will be saved in your gallery.

Why do I need the snapshot feature?

Well… there might be many reasons to do a screenshot of your current PC screen like:

  • to use a screenshot as images for posts like the one you are reading right now
  • you can use the screenshots to create videos with tools like Renderforest Video Maker
  • for troubleshooting with various software – just make a screenshot and send it to the software support
  • to have evidence of any activity like troubleshooting during online payments in internet stores
  • to share your gaming achievements with your friends and family
  • to use it in your online business as a content creator or make money online as a writer

These are just a few of the examples.

That’s it for today.

I hope you enjoyed this short guide and if you did just remember that it might be worth sharing to your friends or family.

Talk to you next time 🙂