Making money online as a writer is actually one of the quickest methods to make money online.

Now I do not know why would you be interested in it but I can tell you that I used to pay hundreds of dollars per week to freelance writers. I did it because I had no time and I just needed content but this is not the only method available to make money online when you are a writer.

Writing is not easy but can be very rewarding. Thanks to the digital transformation you can easily get in contact with customers from all over the world.

I’d like to this post to be as helpful and informative as possible. Because of this, I’d like to ask you to actively leave comments. They will help me to better understand your needs and improve my content.

So let’s get started

How to make money as a writer and where to start?

Before you will start to look at the possibilities you have to be sure what kind of writer you would like to be. You see thare are a lot of options to chose. Depending on the choice you will make, there will be different possibilities to monetize.

But before you will make any choice please remember that writing books, novels, guides etc. is actually the fastest way to become rich. Every one of such contents is easily replicable. This means that you create them only once. Later you just sell a copy and that’s the best in it. Digital content does not require storage, does not get old, cannot be lost and can be easily transferred to another PC is a blink of an eye.

So what are your choices to make money online as a writer?

Make money online as a book/novel writer

This choice takes the longest time to become successful and requires a bit of passion for writing. If you want to be successfull you need to master your skills. It is rarely happening that somebody is born with a natural ability to write texts. Most of us need to learn and master it before we will be able to start writing books.

On the other hand, once you will make it then it may be a dream job assuming you enjoy creating text.

I like my posts to be as helpful as possible so I will give you a few resources so that you don’t have to waste your time looking through the internet. Today our world is full of sh…t which is being sold in nice packages but if you look closely the best info comes for free or almost at no charge.

Here is a few people who work by writing books and do quite fine. Some of them offer training programs or courses but I think that at the beginning you should look for more free resources.

If you are interested to read about how to write you should start with Jerry Jenkings list of 12 books every aspiring author should read. It will give you a nice start and some in-depth knowledge about books structure, techniques and methods of writing. I believe that writing books are a skill which needs to be learned and practised. For sure it will be a lot easier to be successful if you have talent but it’s not necessary to make a decent living.

The second one I would recommend reading and following is Derek Murphy and his site CreativeIndie. I really enjoyed his book “Guerilla Publishing” and he writes really interesting posts. If you would like to get some free guides then you should download his “12 simple steps to writing a book”. He asks for an email to download this pdf so if you don’t want to share it just skip this one. Even without it his free posts published on CreativeIndie are great not mentioning some free resources he shares here.

Making money online as Copywriter

This job used to be highly paid. Below you can find some additional info about salaries in New York for copywriters.  I made this snapshot on and it shows an average salary for a copywriter. As you can see it is around $68,000 in  USD per year.

How to make money online as a writer in New York
How to make money online as a writer in New York – salaries!

For some people, it’s a lot while for others it’s not enough so I am not going to throw any conclusions but I want to point out a few advantages of being a copywriter. 

First of all, you get the freedom to work from home or any other place in the world.

Secondly, once you become good at it you can really make a lot of money. Some copywriters get a basic salary plus a percentage of orders in value generated by their copy letters. This can be a great source of passive income.

If I would choose to become a copywriter I would create my own web page at the same time. This way my customers would have a place to comment and leave reviews about my work.  I would also have a digital resume showing my achievements. Once this webpage would have some well established or recognized companies I would simply start asking for more money for my work. 

If you are really interested to get started in copywriting I can recommend a great source of knowledge which is AWAI (American Writers And Artists association). They have a lot of free resources and an excellent course AWAI Accelerated Six-Figures Copywriting Program. I took this course a few years ago and it even changed the way I write emails to my customers. I also used the knowledge to write almost a hundred sales letters to my customers offering products and services. The only thing is that this course is not something you only read. You have to participate actively and do all the tasks with due care.

I liked it a lot – it’s one of the best courses I ever took.

How to make money online as the headline and title creator?

Now, this might look simple and easy to create a headline or a title but in fact, it is one of the difficult tasks every blogger has to face. 

You see we live in a world where there is a lot of information available. We are constantly bombarded with commercials so we are all resistant to them. An average person spends only a few seconds looking at your title so you need to grab his attention as soon as he looks. This means that you have to choose your words very carefully and it is not easy to do it. Because of this, sometimes it is smarter to hire a headline writer.  Such a person gets paid to convince a potential reader to click your link with a catchy title.  Take a look at a screenshot I’ve made from UpWork which shows one of the offers for such services.

Make money as a copywriter on Upwork
Make money as a copywriter on Upwork
Source: UpWork

As you can see this man offers not only writing headlines byt also many more. You don’t have to limit yourself and you can do the same.

Making money online as outsourced freelance post writer

Now with this method to make money online as a writer, you can monetize the knowledge that you already may have in your head.  all you have to do is get a few basics of how to write and you just get on with it.

Spend a few minutes thinking about what you already know and like to do. Maybe you are a traveller or fashion expert. I am sure that there is something that you are good at. You see thanks to the internet you can sell this knowledge easily. You just have to find someone to buy this from you.

Let’s have a look at what you can write about.

Travel writer

If you’re passionate about travel and you just visited a lot of places in the world then I am sure you can easily write excellent texts about each location. 

I have personally hired such writers for posts about cities in the world. Without such help, I would not be able to create evergreen content for my travel site. I used other people knowledge to fill my website with great descriptions of travels and beautiful cities.

Surely I could write such content myself but to do it I would need to spend a lot of time investigating each location. For a passionate traveller, such information is available as memories.

If you are one of such people then use your knowledge and sell it.

Making money online as a travel writer
Making money online as a travel writer

If you would be interested to know more about this topic then I invite you to read my article how to make money online on a travel site or blog.

Fashion writer

This is another idea of passion which can be turned in to money. If you enjoy fashion shows, latest trends and you are following the Instagram account of all fashion starts then this might be your idea to make money online writing fashion reviews.

You could even go deeper and offer writing reviews of “best leather jackets” or any other clothes which you are interested in.

This is not all you can write about. You can write practically in every niche like health & fitness, IT, computer games etc. As long as you do your best to write great content then you should not have any problems to find customers.

Assuming you already have some skills and abilities you can start to do the following things to make money online as a writer.

making money online as a fashion writer
Making money online as a fashion writer

Become a Freelance writer

Working as a freelance writer is another great way to be free and make money online.  Of course, you have to somehow reach your customers. You can do that in various ways.

Create your own blog and offer your services

Creating your own blog and offering your services will actually take you a lot of time to make any money.   

You see blogging is a long-term investment. It is like planting a tree. You put a small seed into the earth and then you provide enough water and sunlight to watch it grow. Because of that if you expect quick results I would recommend that you use existing digital platforms.

Offer your services on digital platforms

These platforms connect buyers and sellers of Digital Services.  You place an offer for your writing services and buyers contact you when they are interested. This can be an interesting source of extra income for writers. Just remember that they charge commissions for their services so be sure to check how much you’ll have to pay. In exchange, you will get access to thousands of customers from all over the world.

These sites are easy to register and operate.  Before you will register to any of them take a look at few of your potential competitors. Take a look at their headlines, photos, profiles and everything that they show.  Look what they offer and how they wrote their bio. This way you can mimic their offer and convince your future customers that you are the one who will provide the best services.

Be smart and prepared 🙂

Make money by writing on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place where you can find a lot of professionals offering their services.  I used this digital platform to find writers for some of my web pages and I have to say it works pretty well. It gives a win-win situation where a blogger saves his time and the writer earns a living. 

Write on Freelancer, UpWork

Freelancer and UpWork are other digital platforms which you can use to offer your services.  They have a huge customer base so you should not have any problems to find a customer for writing services.

You can register in all three of them if you like. It may be a good idea since you will have to start somewhere to get recognized and build trust for yourself. Remember to offer great services and sometimes give more than expected.

I actually have one writer which gave me a 3600 words article about Lisbon for the price of 1500 words article. When I asked him why he did it he said that I have ordered so many articles with him that he just wanted to say “thanks” this way.

I have to say I was really surprised. Of course, you shouldn’t do it every time. Save this possibility for your best customers and give it to them as a surprise. They will happily recommend you to other bloggers and you will know the power of whisper marketing in action.

Write on iWriter

iWriter is a little bit different platform then the rest mentioned above. You see this platform is dedicated for writers.  Anyone offering his writing services should actually start from this place. Right there you can offer to write blog posts, articles,  reviews and many more.

What is great about this platform is that once you get recommended you can become a part of a team of writers. Such a team of people can help bloggers to create unique content while understanding specific bloggers needs.  Every blogger has his own writing style and once you fit in that style he’s going to ask for more. Just remember to introduce yourself properly while you will fill in the form.

Create a course about writing

This might be a little bit strange at first glance but consider this is as one of the most lucrative options. Courses are selling like crazy these days and it is really easy to do them by yourself.

Just like with freelance writing you have to somehow reach your potential customers. Building a website or a blog with your courses may take a lot of time so you should consider existing online platforms.

Here is a few of them to help you get started.

Create courses on Thinkfic

Thinkfic Is the first one on my list and there’s a reason for that. Thinkfic platform offers a set of nice pictures and some marketing tools.

Built-in membership site integration will allow you to easily charge your customers for your courses.  They offer one month free trial for their most popular Pro Plan so you can test it before you will make a final decision. After that, you will be charged $49 per month.

What I really like about this program is that they have a really easy drag-and-drop editor.  if you have ever worked with Elementor for WordPress then you will know what I mean. This makes things simple and simplifies the whole course creation process.

Besides that ThinkFic Has some interesting templates. They will help you get started and create your offer in a professional way.

But this is not all.

Thinkfic Integrations allows you to connect with more than 1,500 applications to automate your work. For example, you can connect a application for MailChimp and create a campaign for new orders. This integration system is based on Zapier and is really super easy to use.

Create courses on Udemy

Udemy Is the second one on my list and I think it is one of the first platforms which offered online courses.  They have millions of customers from all over the world and they cover such topics like business, design, photography, programming, marketing Etc.

Udemy has a nice tutorial which can help you create your first online course. And it does the job quite well. Combining simplicity with knowledge about what to include inside of your course Udemy is one of the best platforms I’ve worked with. Besides this Udemy is well-organized and offers quite a lot of  discounts for the customers which increase sales. After all who doesn’t like discounted products?

Create courses on Mighty Networks

The third platform I would like to talk about is Mighty Networks. 

This one offers not only the ability to create courses but also social services similar to Facebook groups. You can use this feature to stay in touch with your audience and customers. By doing that you can get their feedback about your product or you can simply ask them what they need. Then you can use this information to create another course which will better fit their needs.

Their platform is also quite easy to use but if you want to offer your courses you have to pay a monthly fee of 47USD. This is not cheap, especially when just start. 

How to start making money online as a writer

First I would recommend that you once again review this post. Think about your own goals and capabilities. But remember to avoid any negative thoughts. After all, anything is possible and writers like for example J.K Rowling is a great example of that. Her first script of Harry Potter was rejected by editors.

Strange isn’t it? Think about what would happen if she would give up?

We would never get to know this wonderful story and she would not make millions of dollars. This is why you should never give up.

After you review this post choose your path of evolution. You can chose a few of them or make a mix like create your blog and write headlines for money. The choice is up to you but what is the most important is to take actions. You see, once you get things rolling you will speed up and create a snowball effect. This effect might direct you to a different direction than you’ve expected at the beginning, but that’s okay. Don’t worry about it as long as you evolve, learn new things and grow.

I wish you all the best and a lot of success!


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