In this Renderforest review, I am going to show you how to create beautiful videos using this really simple video editing online tool. I will take a look at Renderforest logo creator capabilities and web page creator which is currently in Beta stage.

Renderforest is one of the online video makers which are available on the web. It is super simple to use and has a lot of powerful capabilities. They will allow you to create stunning videos which will be a great addon to your content or intro for your youtube channel.

So let’s get on with it 🙂

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Renderforest video maker review

Renderforest is not only a video creation online software but also an animation, logo and website maker.

For the purpose of this review, I will take a deeper look at the video maker which is one of the best tools on the market. Especially for the price, they ask for such a powerful tool.

And it is powerful.!

Take a look.

I’ve made this video literally in 3 minutes since I’ve logged in to Renderforest webpage and believe me, I had no previous experience with this online video maker.

Let me show you how I did this…

Free video maker

Today I have a few weeks of playing with Renderforest online video maker and let me show you how to create these beautiful videos in no time.

First, you have to register yourself on Renderforest website.

Renderforest website
Renderforest website

You do not need a credit card or any payments. You can register with any e-mail account or with one-click Google registration.

After registering you can start to create your videos.

On the top left side of the screen choose “Create Video” and then “Promotional”

Renderforest promotional video
Renderforest promotional video

Now you will see a list of possible templates of your new video. The choice you will have at this moment is really amazing. You can create intro’s, 3D explainers, Youtube intros and many, many more.

The choice of the best video in RenderForest is not easy but let’s create a Youtube intro.

Youtube intro

Click “Quick Youtube Intro”.

RenderForest Quick Youtube intro
RenderForest Quick Youtube intro

Before you click “CREATE NOW” pay attention to the video holders which you can choose. You have an option to create a youtube intro with vide holders or with image holders.

Now click “CREATE NOW”.

This is the right moment to upload your video. To do that you will have to click Upload and then choose your video from the hard drive.


I don’t have my own video so I’m going to choose a “Stock Footage” with some free videos which I can use.

Renderforest review online video creator
Renderforest review online video creator

At the bottom of the screen, you can see 4 clips numbered 1,2,3,4. Each one of them represents a section of the video.

As you already figured out you will have to add your videos on 3 of them. Then you just have to edit the last remaining section where you add your logo and name.

Renderforest review online video creator last page
Renderforest review online video creator last page

For the purpose of this post, I choose videos for clips 1 – 3 but you do not have to. You can add your favourite holiday photos if you like 🙂

Again you can add also free stock photos directly from the app. There is no need to download them manually and then uploading to RenderForest.

After every video, you choose you will have a possibility to trim the video and adjust it’s length.

Trim video
Trim video

What is also nice with RenderForest video creator is that you can undo anything you do with the video. On the other hand, undoing may be useless because the whole creation process lasts 5-10 minutes. You can always start from the beginning.

Now on top of the screen click “Style”.

Renderforest video creator style
Renderforest video creator style

In this section, you can choose light or dark style and fonts which will be used in your youtube video.

Then we go to the music option at the top.

Adding music to Renderforest clip
Adding music to Renderforest clip

RenderForest comes with more than 70 music clips which you can use in your videos. With this choice, you will surely find something interesting.

You can also upload your own music or add voiceover if you have made one.

I will go with the first music ” Logo That Inspires” by adding it with the PLUS on the right.


There is nothing else but to create your first online video with RenderForest.

Click preview on top and then “FREE PREVIEW”

While your video is rendered take a moment to have a look at RenderForest paid plans.

RenderForest subscription plans
RenderForest subscription plans

In general, you can choose to pay a monthly fee which starts at 9,99USD/month or pay per product. The second option is ok if you just need video which you would like to download and use without a watermark.

The first subscription plan allows you to create 5 HD720 videos per month. This is a reasonable choice for a blogger who is already making some money and would like to enrich his content with great videos.

Of course, the choice is up to you but pay attention that all plans are billed annually.

Let’s go back to have a look at your first video preview.

Online preview of video
Online preview of video

Once your video is ready you can choose to publish it on your Youtube channel like I did or to download it. Just remember that free videos come with the watermark added.

And this is what I’ve created:

Renderforest templates review

This is possibly one of the strongest points which these tools have to offer.

RenderForest comes with more than a hundred video templates which automate the complete video creation process. You pick your template and fill in the text. You can use free stock photos and videos which are built-in or upload your own.

Below is an example of a explainer video which I made with RenderForest.

When you look at this short video there is something wrong at the beginning. Maybe you noticed that the text is showed for too long and it makes me feel a bit bored.

Pay attention to such details when you will be creating your videos. Then make the difference between engaging video and boring, meaningless content.

You can change scene length in this video creator. Please note that I’ve changed also the scene to a different one (shorter).

Scene duration
Scene duration

This is how the scene looks now:

I think it’s much better now but other scenes should also be a bit shorter. What’s more important is that you should see the difference clearly.

Play a little with this video creator. Take a look which scenes look comfortable, good and you don’t lose attention when you look at them.

This way You will become an ultimate video creator! 🙂

Let me show you some more videos which I’ve created.

Here is a nice video with a 3D car and my logo at the end of the road, To be honest, I don’t feel comfortable with my logo being rolled over by a car 🙂

Anyway, the capabilities of this video maker are impressive.

Text intro

This is another feature of RenderForest video creator which I’d like to show you.

When you choose from the menu: “Create Video” > “Intros and Logos” > “Exploding and burning reveals” you will have another great template to use in your intro videos.

You can add them to your youtube videos as a breaking point when you show an advertisement ar simply as Pinterest video pins to catch visitors attention.

I made a quick groundbreaking welcome video like this:

Cool – isn’t it 🙂

You can’t imagine how I enjoy creating these short videos.

But there are some more features which RenderForest has to offer.

Stay with me for a little longer.

Renderforest logo maker

Making online logo is the second feature which is available at RenderForest.

The complete online logo creation process is practically as easy as with creating online videos.

First, you click “Make Logo” and then you add your brand name.

Making logo with Renderforest
Making a logo with Renderforest

After that, you have to add some more details about your company. Be sure to fill this out because RenderForect logo creator uses Artifical Intelligence to pick the best style for you.

Pick style for logo
Pick style for the logo

When I look at the logos created by RenderForest I have to admit that they look quite nice.

I will not post any screenshots of them because I strongly believe you should try for yourself.

The free plan allows you to download a low res logo which is fully enough for a blog. You can always buy the high resolution later if you will need it.

Renderforest video maker review – summary

I think I own you an explanation of the post title.

Renderforest video maker is almost perfect for me because there are a few things which require changing.

First of all, I would add more stock photos and video options. An ideal solution would be a possibility to insert plugins from different providers like Shutter Stock etc. After all, not everyone wants to use stock photos.

Secondly, I would add a separate creator which would allow mixing the scenes. I am not sure is it possible in higher plans but that’s worth having.

This is it for the Renderforest Review of the free online video maker.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post I will be really glad if you find it useful and worth sharing.

Please leave your comments below – I would really appreciate your honest feedback so that I know what to change in my posts.

Talk to you soon.


P.S. You can use the button below to go Renderforest web page. If you decide to buy this tool the I will receive a small compensation for all the work that I’ve put in this post. Thanks.