What is Blogerio?

Blogerio is a place where I would like to help and support all the bloggers and niche website creators. You see at some point I’ve reached financial stability, well-paid job but I simply like and need to do new things.

This is why I started to do what I always enjoyed the most: helping people to create!

The main goal of Blogerio is:

  • to create business!
  • transform business into passive business as fast as possible
  • learn, improve and adopt different ways to reach passive income goals
  • provide the best possible guides to site visitors using only tested methods
  • I will never recommend anything which I have not used myself as a businessman!
  • support each other as a community and grow together!

You see we all have extra time to do different things as a hobby and I decided to have a closer look at online business. When I dived deeper I noticed it’s a place of endless possibilities so why not give it a try?

When I was creating web pages, writing posts, driving traffic etc. I noticed there is no single place where you could start. Yes, there is a lot of blogs, web pages, tutorials but they miss something.

This is how I came with an idea to create Blogerio webpage which would be a knowledge base for bloggers and website creators which do this for business. You see when you start to do something with an intention to create a profitable business it is a whole different story than just blogging every week or two. You need dedication, focus and hard work to get somewhere.

This is where I come in. I want your success.

I’ve already achieved a lot. Am I not allowed to share it?

I can, I will and let’s see where it leads but there is something else.

I will learn from all of you in the process and thanks to this my business will grow as well.

This is the only win-win method which I know!

If you would like to read about me here is some more info.